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The law and the process to receive Federal Workers’ Compensation benefits is complex to navigate. You need an expert who knows the ins and outs. We have 50 years of experience fighting for injured federal workers to receive the highest compensation possible. Let us step in and help you.

Waiting is Frustraiting

We understand waiting on your OWCP schedule award approval is difficult. The award process takes time. We’ll be with you in the wait. We’ll help:

  • Confirm eligibility
  • Establish your claim for your injuries or illnesses
  • Calculate your estimated award
  • File the necessary paperwork
  • Procure a detailed medical report for your medical condition
  • Appeal a denied claim

Thank you so much to Alan and his team. I wish I could meet you to thank you in person. But from the bottom of my heart this helps me so much! God Bless!

– M.K. , Injured Federal Worker Client

The Process of Unforgiving

Applying for a schedule award by yourself is dangerous. The OWCP has strict criteria and a lengthy claims process. Making a mistake could cost you. Let us guide you through the complexity of your claim and avoid:

  • Missing benefits
  • Administrative errors
  • Inexperienced physicians
  • Non-qualifying injury

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

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If we take your case, then we believe in it. You are not alone.

We fight for what we believe in, . We’ll fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve, even if you have having an existing award.

More Restrictions to Receiving a Schedule Award

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The process may take time but we’re with you throughout