Parking Lot Injury: FAQ

As a federal employee, if I was injured in my employer’s parking lot, is my injury covered by FECA?

The answer to this question is complicated. FECA coverage in this type of case depends on whether or not your injury took place while you were engaged in a work activity during work hours. If an employee is injured on the employer’s premises going to and from work or during break, the injury may be covered by FECA. There are additional factors. A recent decision in B.B. and Department of Veterans Affairs, 114 LRP 5501 (ECAB 01/13/14) ruled that because the injured federal employee was not performing a work duty and was in the parking lot an hour before his shift, the injury was not covered by FECA. If you are a federal worker who has been injured you need the advice of an attorney. Call our office and speak with attorney Alan J. Shapiro.

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